Defining Root Bound

If you have ever wondered what a root bound plant looks like….

When we moved to Milwaukee, I placed two small ferns in my kitchen window. They grew like crazy and I had to repot them. They continued to grow and I have known for some time I needed bigger pots. (The hold up was finding red pots. I have been looking for at least 9 months.) In this picture you can see the roots popping out of the top. Watering these was always a huge mess.

Today I found some slightly larger pots. It took 30 minutes of working a knife in the sides before I got the plants out (and one broken pot). Then I realized they were still too big for the new pots. I needed up dividing them. I’m curious to see if they survive. The plants are obviously hardy, but the roots took a beating in the transfer process.

(If anyone would like one, please let me know. Wade doesn’t particularly like them and wasn’t excited to see four where there used to be two.)

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