Work Out? Not Yet

Wade has a great plan to begin working out again. I have been slacking on my running so I had decided to join him. He had done his research and found a new place with great rates. We arrived at Coop’s only to discover the building is still under construction. Too bad they didn’t publicize that information anywhere. I’m not sure if Wade plans to wait for them to open up or is going to look for another gym. Maybe I’ll convince him to start running with me.

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  • […] The gym I mentioned a while back is now open. Wade and I joined and even got a couple sessions with a personal trainer as part of the deal. I was excited about this until I realized a big part of it is diet – a low sodium diet. I could be committed to eating healthier, but not eating anything prepackaged is a stretch – no boxed rice, no cookie dough, no Rice Krispies, no corn flake chicken, no pork chops, no cheese, no butter, no chocolate chip muffins. There are about 10 items that are on the approved list. Wade and I decided to give it a shot, but I don’t think we are willing to make a lifetime commitment. There are too many yummy foods out there. « Dumb Dob, Why Are You Following Me?   The Pictures are Hung By the Window with Care » […]