Gram’s House – Day 2

I should start this part of the story by pointing out that on Thursday-Friday my mom had a 24 hour bug. She was better by about 10 am Friday. She did tell us about it but it never really occurred to any of us that we should alter our plans. (I grew up with the saying “Harpers don’t get sick” and that has proved pretty true for me and the kids.)

It started at 4 am, when I woke up sick. I also noticed that the cousins were awake and playing. I told them to go to sleep but wasn’t okay enough to do anything else about it. I was pretty much out of commission from this part of the day on. From what everyone tells me, I had it the worst. Evidently people kind of dropped like flies all day long, but nobody was as sick as I was. Ben never got sick and thankfully Gram was there to take care of him. Wade was okay enough to somewhat supervise the other kids. Teague appeared okay at first so Melissa took him to her house when she picked up her kids. He got sick not too long afterwards so she rushed him back to our house. We got a call late afternoon that her house had it too. Mom’s superbug got us all – except for Ben. The good news is after 24 hours we were all good, but that was a round 24 hours!! We did decided to change our travel plans and delay our trip to Memphis. We definitely didn’t want to pass this on to Judy and Jerry.

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