A Little Story

I have a favorite pair of gloves. About seven years ago, my mom shows up to visit me in Milwaukee with a pair of gloves on that I just loved. I eventually tracked down my own pair and wore them continually from then on. About three years ago, my mom was out shopping and lost her right glove. I was able to buy her a new pair of these gloves on eBay, but we both agreed she should keep her lone glove and then we’d have a single spare. Fast forward to today. I looked down and my world ended. I had a hole in my glove. I wear these every day. Then I remembered my mom. I called her and asked her if she still and her spare and which glove it was – right or left. She had the spare and it was…a left! I was so traumatized that I got on eBay and actually found another new pair. I bought them and sent my good right to go live with my mom’s left. We now have a good pair for whichever of us needs it first! The saga of the gloves….

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