Sleepovers, Recover, Repeat

My kids love our trips to Milwaukee. They would spend the entire time away from me and at either Amber or Nicki’s house if we allowed it. They simply want to see their friends as much as possible. Because it only happens once (or twice if we are lucky) a year, we are pretty lenient on rules. There are sleepovers most nights, lots of treats, and specials events. That also means there are less sleep and less rules. At some point we usually have to call a time out and let the kids all go to bed early or take naps or spend some time apart just to regroup. (They love this of course.) What I find fascinating is how it’s not only the big boys that have maintained the friendship, it is the little ones – like Kaitlyn who wasn’t even born near these people. She is completely comfortable spending the night (or day) with our good friends that she barely knowns. This is the coolest thing! (Kaitlyn then gets home and doesn’t understand why her friends here aren’t yet doing sleepovers but that’s another conversation.) So here is a collage of sleepovers, naps, the Farmer’s Market with Nicki, mornings, and afternoon hangouts at Amber’s.

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