An Old Dog With A New Bone

We have been giving Pepper dog bones to try and keep her entertained (and reduce the chewing of our items). The problem is Maison will occasionally get the bone and guard it. Pepper will not dare take it back from Madison. Madison is too old to chew the bone. She just won’t let Pepper have it. Wade and I find the entire situation pretty funny.

Tonight we thought we had a solution. We gave each dog a bone. It went basically like it does with two toddlers. Pepper couldn’t stand it that Madison had a bone. She abandoned her bone and kept trying to figure out how to get Madison’s bone. She kept edging closer and closer to Madison. Madison never once chewed the bone but kept it in her sight or under her head the entire time. Wade and I were dying laughing.

For those curious – Madison eventually fell asleep. Pepper stole the bone. Madison never even remembered there was a bone.

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