Paducah Favorites

We spent today enjoying Paducah. We had our traditional first-moring-in-Paducah-breakfast of Red’s donuts. Gram takes my car and all the kids in their pajamas to get the donuts. (I get to stay home and wait for mine to be delivered.) We lazed the morning away and the kids enjoyed all of the toys at Gram’s house and maybe a few cartoons too. Then we ventured to Starn’s for BBQ sandwiches for lunch. The kids thought eating at the counter was great fun. Later that afternoon the boys got out Gram’s change bowl and sorted money. The deal used to be that if you could count it out then Gram would pay you in paper money what you counted. We did inform the boys they were a little too old and advanced for that. They still had fun playing in the money. Kaitlyn worked all the puzzles. Ben took a great nap and then made a mess with all the toys. We spent the evening with some good family friends. Teague was in heaven riding the 4-wheeler with Buddy. I think he would have ridden all night if he could have.

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