Through The Years

After my last post, I thought it might be fun to look back at all the pumpkin carving parties through the years. It turns out that the locations, people, photography, and camera quality have changed drastically over the years.

I’m not going to list the people, but here are the locations and years. 2008 was a slim β€œparty” (no offense Judy and Jerry) but we are still going to call it one!). 2009 I have tons of pictures from during the party but didn’t manage to get everyone outside for a picture before many people went home. I have learned a lot and now try to take a picture early in the evening. Now I’m really regretting not having one in 2017!

2004 – Atlanta, GA
2005 – Atlanta, GA
2006 – Anderson, SC
2007 – Anderson, SC
2008 – Milwaukee, WI
2009 – Milwaukee, WI
2010 – Milwaukee, WI
2011 – Milwaukee, WI
2012 – Milwaukee, WI
2013 – Milwaukee, WI
2014 – Platte City, MO
2015 – Barrington, IL
2016 – Barrington, IL
2017 – No party
2018 – Grafton, MA

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