Why Not Stickers?

This has been something I wanted to blog about all year and today I realized I almost missed my chance. Kaitlyn’s ballet teacher gives the girls two stamps after class if they did a good job. (And that means every week – with maybe one exception.) These are huge stamps that take up the entire back of her hand and are always in a blue or purple color. The worst part is they don’t wash off with normal soap and water or even in the shower. They seem to last from class on Tuesday till Thursday evening when Kaitlyn is in the pool for 30 minutes for swim lessons. Why oh why can’t she just get a sticker that will naturally lose it’s stickiness within a few hours? (Or just one small stamp, maybe?) If you look closely you can see the remnants of this weeks stamps on Kaitlyn’s hands. She had a bath instead of a shower yesterday so they have almost faded away, but I felt this needed to be documented (and my complaint heard).

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