Let’s Talk Floors

When we were moving into the house, the movers managed to put a huge scratch in the middle of Kaitlyn’s floor. During our settlement, it was determined it couldn’t be repaired and the entire room would need to be refinished. They gave us up to 6 months to have the work completed. This gave us plenty of time to enlarge the closet in her room. The floors are large plank pine and there are significant gaps between some of the planks. In most of the rooms it isn’t an issue but in kid rooms we have found it bothersome. (Particularly in the boys’ room with little legos.) Some of the rooms downstairs have narrow strips between the large planks. Wade had discussed with the refinisher possibly filling the gaps and the man was open to the idea. Wade finally decided to do it himself. Here’s the project in pictures. First the wood putty currently filling the gaps and to be removed, then strips had to be cut to random widths, measured to length, glue applied, and then hammered into place. Easy, right? Just ask Wade. The end result was awesome!

The refinishing guys showed up and spent the next few days doing their work and now we have some gorgeous floors. I wish we could have all our floors redone! (I didn’t think to take a picture of the floors before Wade removed the wood putty, but I had another room that shows exactly what it would have looked like.)

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