Water Park

Melissa mentioned that her girls wanted to go to Venture River. I hadn’t been in years and years and years, but I thought my kids would love it. Thankfully my Mom wanted to go too because 5 kids is a lot to keep an eye on in the huge water park. The kids had so much fun. Water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, etc. Kaitlyn was a little perturbed that her height kept her off some of the waterslides but she had an awesome time on the ones she could. I was impressed with the staff – especially on the waterslides with tubes. I had Kaitlyn in my lap with no floaty (I didn’t even pack one) and they were great about watching for us at the bottom and pulling her to the steps immediately so that I could get myself out of the tube and to the edge.

We got home and the kids were beat! I couldn’t believe nobody napped on the way home – even Kaitlyn and Teague stayed awake. We split the kids up again for sleepovers and I got the big kids and Lissy took the little girls.

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