Thank Goodness For Granny

Alex ended up with an early morning dental appointment and a late afternoon eye appointment. Thank goodness Granny and Pop were able to spend the day in town and watching Teague and Kaitlyn. The dental appointment was quick and painless but they did use a touch of gas and a numbing shot so Alex had a funny feeling mouth. We were done so early Alex still had time to read a book with Granny before catching the bus for school.


I picked Alex up early from school for his eye exam. He had his yearly checkup with the same doctor Teague visited a month ago (she was awesome). Alex was a good sport about working on his homework while we waited and had no trouble with all the tests, eye drops, and discussions. The surprising part came when the doctor found quite a bit of discrepancies from his last exam. His prescription needed to change significantly and she recommended patching one eye for three hours a day. (What are the chances I would have to go through patching with two different children for completely different reasons?)

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