Typical Afternoon

Our afternoons are pretty much all the same – in a very good way. Kaitlyn and I pick Teague up from school at 11:15. We almost always meet his friend at “the rock” outside for jumps. After a few jumps (and a few hugs), we head to our car and there’s normally a few more hugs before we get into our car and head home.


Then the kids and I always have lunch at home. Teague is guaranteed to pick a cheese-based lunch if given a choice – grilled cheese, broccoli and cheese soup, summer sausage and cheese, cheese quesadilla, macaroni and cheese, etc. Kaitlyn is pretty agreeable to trying anything and is much more likely to actually eat it if Teague feeds her. On this particular day she even managed to get out of her high chair and into Teague’s chair to share his lunch – because of course his food taste better than hers.

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