Holidays Done Right

We hosted our Milwaukee friends for the day and had such a great time. We sure missed our friends this past year. We spent most of the afternoon at the beach. There were too many people for the boat (Alex had been dying to show Abram and Riley), but there was lots of swimming and playing in the sand.



The older boys spent over an hour trying to catch a fish with a mesh bag and goldfish crackers. Amazingly they were successful!! After showing all the adults and taking a few pictures, they swam back out to release it.


Then we went back to our house for food and laughs and good times. Abrams, Alex, and Riley were off playing together. Iris and Kaitlyn shared some toys (and sippy cups). For the first time, Teague didn’t tag along with the big boys. He and Glenna played together all afternoon. Amber was taking pictures and caught Teague stealing a kiss?!?! (Wade has always said Teague was going to be our sly child.)



Then we sent the adults home and kept the bigger boys. Riley even decided to stay – his first ever sleep over (and instead of trying it at Abram’s, right down the street, he went for an hour away at our house). Wade put the tent up in the playroom. We gave the guys flashlights and said goodnight (about 50 times). Wade and I had bets going on how long it would take them to go to sleep – after a huge day of playing in the water and sun. They were all asleep by 9:30/10. (Abram ended up sleeping in the bedroom upstairs – the only room our pets don’t really visit. Darn allergies!)



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