Beach – Day 1

It was a crazy night trying to sleep four cousins in the same room (only three made it all night long). Amazingly they didn’t wake up at the same time and I was able to snap a few pictures of the last two sleeping.


Then we began our day long ping-pong of eating, beaching, napping, pooling, and repeating. What fun we are having!


Kaitlyn let it be known early on that she wasn’t a fan of the sand. She screamed if you put her on the sand and was only happy sitting in someone’s lap or being held. I finally figured out the kick board was an acceptable alternative as a place to sit on our second trip down to the beach. I snapped some pictures of her getting used to this new sitting place. Then a few minutes later I turned around and she was happy as a clam walking around and playing on the beach. The fickleness of an almost-one-year-old!


(Anyone recognize the orange shovel she is holding? It’s from a McDonald’s Happy Meal when I was a child. The small planting bucket is around somewhere too.)


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