Really Doctor?!?

Teague was scheduled for surgery today at noon. My mom drove over yesterday so she could stay home with Alex. Teague was a champ about his breakfast of apple juice and jello – only clear substances till 10 and then no food. Then the highlight of his day was parking in a parking deck (he’s so easy to please) before walking into the hospital. We were only in the waiting room a few minutes, but I was extremely impressed that they had little tykes cozy coupes and trucks for the kids. Teague loved driving around.


The surgery was very quick and uncomplicated. In my consult with the doctor post-op, he mentioned the procedure could probably have been done in his clinic without anesthesia. Then I was a little annoyed. This doctor had no idea what I was about to go through with Teague and the rage he embraces as he wakes up.

I had tried to warn the nurses and anesthesiologist about Teague and his reaction to anesthesia, but I knew no one was taking me seriously. They came to get me very quickly upon his waking. Then the nurses were great about asking what I needed and leaving us alone. Teague raged for quite a while and we had a random anesthesiologist (not ours) come by and try to convince me Teague needed morphine. I told him this was normal for Teague and would pass. Teague finally calmed down and we got dressed to leave for home. The nurses were quite concerned about his reaction and wanted to know why I hadn’t mentioned it. When I told them that I had they then rolled their eyes about the doctor not even noting it in the file. They did suggest we transfer hospital records next time in addition to medical records. (I hadn’t even realized this was necessary or possible.)

We got home and I couldn’t even convince Teague to take a nap. He was good to go the rest of the day and quite happy to play with his brother.

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