Officially A Burch

Today Teague officially became Teague Davis Burch! We had a court appointment for 8:30 to see the judge and make Teague’s adoption final. Unfortunately a case from the day before had run long and had to be completed first. After an hour of waiting we were finally called into the courtroom. Alex loved sitting in his own chair and answering a few questions. Teague wanted to be in my lap and sucked his thumb the entire time. The judge was fantastic. To make the adoption finalized the judge had us all come up to his chair and help Teague bang the gavel. The bailiff requested in a very stern voice to be given our camera and shown which button to push.


After everything was complete the judge had a stuffed puppy dog for Teague and a monkey for Alex (which he now calls Mumby). We went out for a celebratory lunch and then returned home to find our neighbors had sent flowers to help celebrate the occasion!


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