Birthday Party Fun

July 15th, 2016

Our neighbor, AJ, had a birthday party and the boys were so excited to attend. They bounced and ran and ate and had a general great time. Did I mention the theme was Harry Potter?



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Another Comparison

July 13th, 2016

I still get comments all the time about how much Kaitlyn favors Alex. I’m not sure these pictures really show that, but I was amused to realize they were in the same pajamas.


(Alex was about 14 months and Kaitlyn was about 19 months.)

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I knew someday Kaitlyn’s observation and mimic skills would get her in trouble. I turned around today to see that she had gotten a pot out of the cabinet, managed to get it on the stove, and was on her tiptoes trying to reach the knob to the stove. Ugh! We had a quick talk about that one.


Then I sent her to cook in her kitchen while I made lunch. (Note that she is back to making baby soup.)

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We have discovered the best schedule for us is to have a morning at the beach with a picnic lunch, and then return home just in time for a 1:30 nap for Kaitlyn. She sleeps the afternoon away while the boys do a little homework and reading. Errands and housework have definitely taken a break this summer, but we are enjoying every minute of our summer break. Today we met friends at the beach and had an awesome day!


Then came the water pictures. These kids were ready to sit for a group pictures and then dying to jump in. My favorite picture is the last one!




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Sightseeing And Sugar

July 10th, 2016

Don’t let Teague’s face fool you. Jenny is now their most favorite person in the world. She just treated them to those huge bags of candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar and he’s mad he has to wait for a picture before eating anything.


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One of my food high school friends had told me long ago she was coming to town in July. Then she wanted to know if I was free to join her for a fancy dinner one night. I of course said yes and ventured down town to have dinner with some other Phi Mu Sisters. It was such fun and a wonderful evening out! (Did I mention the delicious brownies I got to bring home too?)


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July 7th, 2016

Ice cream for lunch – occasionally it happens.


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